I found out a month or so ago that one of the guys I graduated highschool with had been diagnosed with cancer.  I wasn’t told what kind, and I didn’t pry. 

We weren’t close friends, but when there’s only 14 students in your graduating class you get to know someone fairly well.  But I’d not kept in touch with him either.  He went to college across the country from me, and we didn’t keep in touch.

He passed away Sunday August 11, 2013.   He was 34.  He’s survived by his wife, sister, parents, grandparents, and a load of cousins and other relatives.


Edit: wow, I was really out of touch.  It was his wife who’d been diagnosed with cancer.  His death was unexpected.  At this time his cause of death is unknown.  His wife passed away this morning (August 13, 2013).  Now I really feel like hell…..

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  1. Wow! Goes to show you never know just how long you’ve got so do the best you can to make it a good ride.

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