Active Shooter Policy?

So those of you who read here semi regularly know that I quit my last job back on Dec 31st after telling my previous boss to go to hell.  After spending a few months doing household projects that had been on hold I started looking for a new job, preferably one I could be happy in for more than 2-3years which seems to be my usual limit.  I just started my new job, and unfortunetly I don’t think its going to make it past the 2-3yr mark, but I have to relate this piece of info I picked up yesterday.

This company is a major (nationwide) retailer.  I’m deliberetly not saying who as I had to sign a confidentiality clause and I can’t figure out from reading and re-reading the paperwork if thats supposed to include the following info…..

They have an “Active Shooter Policy/Procedure”.  When I first saw the title I figured it was more of the “hide and plead” type you see everywhere these days. 

Its not. 

It was 3 steps. 

The first is Run: if you can safely get out of the building while not attracting the shooter’s attention DO SO, and take as many c0-workers and customers with you as you can without endangering your own safety.  Call 911.

The second is Hide: if you can’t get out, shut the door to the room you’re in, turn off the lights and lock the door, block the door with something if possible, and if all else fails find something large to hide behind.  Call 911.

The third is Fight: if the shooter happens to find you while you’re running or hiding, FIGHT, and do so with all violence necessary to save your life and the life of others.  If there is more than one if you in the hiding spot, pig-pile the shooter.


Damn, someone had a head on their shoulders when they wrote that….

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  1. Very unusual to find that 3rd point issued by just about any company. Our company doesn’t have any such policy (any of it), but we are not allowed to even have a knife on our person or in our car. However, we have large knives in the kitchen area – sigh.

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