6 thoughts on “What kind of plants are these?”

  1. I’m willing to bet 3 and maybe 5 are what is called Virginia Creeper, can’t see enough of the leaves. I have some growing in my yard…

    • Three and five are definetly different plants, the leaves are completely different. Now TWO and five look alot alike and I’m not convinced they’re not the same.

  2. I think: number one and two are highbush cranberry (in the Viburnum family), three and four are a type of dogwood (Cornus family), five and six do appear to be some type of grape, turkeys around here eat them, but I don’t know. Seven and eight are a pasture rose (rosa multiflora, classified as a noxious weed in 12 states), which become quite leggy in shade and appear to ramble more than the ones in full sun, which are shrubby. The last one I see around here all the time and still don’t know what they are.

    • Thanks!

      Someone on another blog (also in Upstate NY) posted pictures of something very similer to the last plant, and the general vote was a type of Buckthorn. That gives me a start to lookup stuff though!

  3. Well, there you go! Off and running! I think I will look up the buckthorn lead myself. I’ve been looking at those berries in our hedgerow for too long. The grapey things too.

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