Pressure Canner Bleg

So, my dad gave me his old Mirro Matic pressure canner (16qt, model 0406).  After some frustration I finally tracked down the correct gasket for it.  And I downloaded the basic Mirro manual that seems to apply to all their products.

I’m looking for books on pressure canning please!  I have the Ball Book of Home Preserving of course, but is there anything else that you folks can recommend?  I don’t know that I’ll be doing anything hugely fancy, but Hubby and I were talking about canning chicken and bacon and the like….

4 thoughts on “Pressure Canner Bleg”

  1. All I used was the Ball Book, and the Encyclopedia of Country Living. The only advise I will give is don’t be in a hurry. It takes MUCH longer than you think it will to get up to pressure, and especially to cool back down to atmospheric(usually 60-70 minutes) once you turn off the heat.

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