Pictures and update

Not much going on  here.  I’m still without a desktop.  Mostly because I’m picky about what I want in a computer (for example Windows 7 and NOT 8 thank you very much) which means that the new computer isn’t going to be the cheapest one on the market.  I don’t need anything HUGELY high end, but it has to have Win 7, and it has to be able to handle the graphics and video work I do.   And we just don’t have that much spare cash at the moment.  BTW, on the same note: Don’t bother with Dell’s financing.  Apparently they tell everyone that they’re approved and THEN lock the account till they finish their verification process (which can take weeks) during which you can’t use the account to purchase a computer.  They pissed me off enough that once we DO buy me a new computer I can promise it won’t be a Dell, dispite the fact that my last two computers were Dells and in general I like their product.


Anyway, some pictures I’ve taken recently:



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    • These were all taken with a 55-200mm lens. I WANT a good closeup lens, but for reasons I’ve never understood they cost 2-3 times as much, and I get use out of the longer distance lenses….

      The moon shot was the result of playing with a CPL filter. It was only 5pm when I took it, but the filter made the sky dark and the moon and clouds pop. Totally awesome!

  1. I wanted Win7 for my new laptop until I found that those are usually more expensive – or at least seemed that way. Finally bit the bullet and got a Win 8 computer. Can make it look like 7, but finding stuff is difficult. Really people, I have a phone for apps – don’t need my computer to look like my phone!

    Beautiful photography as usual – you are just a natural!

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