I’ve not posted on it, and I expect that this will be about it unless something happens.  Among other things, since I’m in NY, I can’t just hop on the .gov site and get a list of quotes.  I have to create an account on the NY site and give them all sorts of personal info.  And since at this point in time I don’t need their assistance I’m quite reluctant to do that just to see whats going on.

However my Aunt, who lives in FL, has been working her way through it as she’s been hoping to retire a bit early and health insurance has been the big stumbling block.

She had all sorts of problems getting quotes.  Website based problems.

This past week she finally managed to get all the ducks to line up……

My Aunt is 62.  She’s never given birth to a child, never adopted a child, never had custody of a child.  To the best of my knowledge (and certinally since they got married) the same is true for her husband (substitute fathered for given birth).

ObamaCare is requiring her to buy pediatric dental coverage.


Whats almost worse, in my opinion, its apparently so common a problem that her preferred health insurance company has a no-cost pediatric dental coverage policy specifically for people like my Aunt.