Rough-Legged Hawk

I keep forgetting to post this.

This past Saturday, Husband and I were out running errands, and decided to swing by one of the locations where Snowy Owls had been spotted in hopes of seeing one.  Unfortunately we had some time constraints and weren’t able to stop and really LOOK, so if there was any there we didn’t see them.  However as we drove slowly past the fields a large hawk flushed from the east side ditch.  Husband was kind enough to slam on the brakes so I could snatch some hurried photos despite the horrible lighting of the day.  The hawk stayed low to the ground, and appeared a bit peeved at us, he (or possibly she, the markings indicate possibly female or juvenile) watched us closely till he was well past the road, aiding my attempt to get photos.

(click to view a larger version of the photos)




She might not be the Snowy Owl we were looking for, but I’m not complaining!