Photos update

Not much has been going on here, but I’ve gotten some photos to share.

This past Saturday I made a trip down to the local buffalo farm to pick up some meat for us and bones for the dogs.  While I was there their youngest calf (she was born in Oct, WAY late) and her momma wandered up to the fence line and they were kinda enough to allow me to go down to the line myself to snatch some photos.






And I attempted to get some closeups of snowflakes.  I don’t really have the right equipment for this, but they turned out ok anyway.  If you click through to the big version, and then click to zoom in you can see all sorts of detail.





And a sunset from a couple weeks ago.




And the dogs enjoying the snow.




A full moon.



And this juvi Red-tailed hawk was kind enough to soar slowly over so I could get several pictures.




And more birds at the feeders.




4 thoughts on “Photos update”

  1. Great pictures! Don’t forget the Cornell/Audubon Great Backyard Bird Count coming up in a couple of weekends. I won’t be participating as I still don’t have birds on my feeders (literally filled them 3 weeks ago and haven’t lost but a couple of seeds. they don’t even come to the suet feeder. Guess the neighbor up the road feeds them too well!

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