Deep Dish Pizza

So Husband and I normally prefer a good thin crust pizza, and thats normally what I make.  But several weeks ago we treated ourselves to a dinner out at Pizzeria Uno.  And I had their Pizza Skins appetizer as my meal.  It was really really good…..

So it started, first to find a recipe for a Chicago style deep dish crust that looked good, and then to figure out what to bake it in….

After some poking around I picked up a pair of 8″ Lodge Skillets for that use and others.

And I found THIS recipe.

Tried it today, it was very very very good.

A couple minor changes, I pre-heated the cast iron pans in the oven for about 5 minutes before plopping the crust into them.

I also think that this recipe will make 3 pizzas of that size just fine….

The filling was mashed redskin potatoes with fresh roasted garlic mashed in along with alot of shredded cheese (mostly cheddar but some Parmesan and Asiago got in there too), and some home-canned bacon bits I canned up a few weeks ago.



You can see how the extra crust bulged up, and I think we over filled it with the mashed potatoes.  I also didn’t quite get the seasoning mix right for the potatoes, but thats ok, it was really really good anyway, I’ll be trying it again!

4 thoughts on “Deep Dish Pizza”

  1. Lodge (my favorite) also makes cast iron pizza pans. I have two, and since about 1991 our Christmas tradition has been to make Christmas Pizza. Everyone has their own pizza and “decorates” it with the ingredients they desire. I also have at least one of every Lodge ‘campfire’ dutch oven. Imagine enjoying a full Prime Rib dinner on an island in the middle of the Yellowstone.

    Yea, I’m also a rafter.

    • I think I saw those, but decided that the skillets would get more use.

      I have several other Lodge pieces too, but it sounds like you have me beat!

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