What kind of deer is this?

Had a bit of a surprise when I checked the trail cameras this morning.  They sure don’t look like the White-Tails I’m used to!









 Edit:  I have a vote for BIG mature White-tail buck who’s dropped his antlers a little early, if thats correct then thats one of the biggest bucks I’ve seen on camera here…..

6 thoughts on “What kind of deer is this?”

  1. The size of that neck would lead me to make a guess at a white-tail buck that dropped early also. Seems WAY early though….but, sometimes things happen at their own pace in nature.

  2. Hubby says it looks like a white tail deer. Probably a female because the body length seems a bit short for a buck. She looks quite pregnant, maybe even feeling a bit puffy. The winter coat looks nice and thick. At least her face isn’t swollen by stress. Those hips don’t look like a buck to me.

    Maybe you will get to see twins or triplets in the springtime.

    • The same deer came back the next night with friends. If its a bachalor herd they all dropped early, though we’ve heavy enough trees and brush they could have been knocked off. But they were all fat, so either they’re all preggers with twins or they’ve had a good winter dispite the cold!

  3. Yep, Odocoileus Virginianus, the white-tailed deer. A burly one too. Well-fed, in spite of a dearth of acorn mast. I’d have to get closer to tell gender but from the size and musculature, I tend to agree with the early antler dropping male identification. I’m in Raleigh, NC and I have a small herd that travels through the woods along the watercourse in my back yard. Being the “City of Oaks”, I have plenty of oak trees. I noticed a very small crop of acorns this year, as did others I’ve spoken to. How about in your area(s)?

    • We don’t have any oaks in our yard, so I didn’t notice, but behind the deer in those pictures is an over grown apple tree that produced ALOT of fruit this year, and the wooded area behind them has a LARGE number of other overgrown fruit trees that are left for the deer.

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