aww fuck

I would very greatly appreciate everyone’s good will, well wishes, healing prayers, and healing vibes sent toward a friend of mine who I’ve never met in person. She’s the owner of a lovely Tibetan Mastiff bitch, and over the last couple years has become a wonderful friend.

She was just diagnosed this week with stage III Small Cell lung cancer, and has been admitted to the hospital for an “infection”, type unstated, but it appears to involve her lungs. She expects to be in the hospital till Sunday, and starts chemo on Monday.

Did I mention that 2014 is not the New Year I wanted and I’m demanding a refund and a new New Year?

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  1. All the best for your friend and for her chemo too. I know how hard the chemo can be because my husbands sister is going through chemo right now for stage 3 ovarian cancer. We can only pray that the chemo puts the cancer in remission for them both!!!

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