Common Spring!

Monday and Tuesday the weather was absolutely gorgeous.  No jacket required lovely.  Snow was melting everywhere.

Yesterday, Wednesday I woke up to rain that was rapidly turning to snow.

By the time we snow-blowed the driveway, about 5pm, we were pushing a foot of wet nasty heavy snow.  The kind that gives people heart attacks trying to shovel it.

I haven’t checked the official snow-fall totals yet, but I’m betting for a solid foot here at least.

Right now my thermometer says its 8 degrees outside.

I want my garden!

2 thoughts on “Common Spring!”

  1. We didn’t get much snow (although up north they did), but we did get lots of freezing rain. I had the good sense to bring my work computer home, so I didn’t have to risk life and limb to get to work.

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