I have to remember to grab the camera

….when I step out my door.  That way when I say things like “the Great Blue Heron barely cleared the house!!!” and “The Osprey was low enough I could see his markings with my bare eyes!!!” everyone will believe me instead of rolling their eyes….

Anyway I managed to catch a few pictures yesterday dispite my forgetting to bring my camera out with me at one point.

This Osprey was collecting nesting materials near me:

IMGA3021a IMGA3022a IMGA3023a IMGA3024a IMGA3027a



And then this Red-Tailed Hawk, with a notched wing, which makes it really easy to ID this bird, decided to claim a spot on my neighbor’s property as his, and proceeded to defend the surrounding airspace with great vigor.  I managed to catch some of it on camera.

7 IMGA3080 IMGA3081 IMGA3082 IMGA3083



At any rate, the garden expansion is in progress, which is a good thing since I’ve been told I need to get the sugar snap peas in the ground NOW.  Hopefully I’ll get them planted this weekend…..

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    • I eventually went back in and got the camera, which is a good thing, cause cell phone shots of all this woulda sucked!

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