Garden update

Garlic is poking through the straw I covered it with.  A check under the straw shows that not every piece sprouted, but over half did.  Which is much better success than last year when none did!

Rhubarb is growing strong, pushing aside its straw cover.

Berry bushes are showing baby leaves.

The fruit trees are only just showing leaf buds, which is probly a good thing considering the way the winter and spring has gone.

Sugar Snap Peas have sprouted, guess its time to get the trellis up for them.

Potatoes have been planted.  As have about half the carrot seeds.   The rest will go in today or tomorrow depending on time constraints and the weather.

Its about time to start the pumpkins and zucchini seeds.  And first of May I’ll start the corn inside, so that it’ll be well sprouted in time to plant once I’m sure frost has passed.  The sunflowers will just get planted into the ground.

In the greenhouse everything’s looking really good.  I’m hoping that by the end of the month I’ll be able to plant the peppers into the garden with just frost protection for those colder nights, but I’ll have to watch the weather, its been a chilly spring.

Strawberry plants are sprouting and happy.  They definetly spread around their tire, enough so that I may have to move some of the flowers I’d planted in it too.  Happy strawberry plants are worth it though!

Crocus have bloomed and are mostly dying back.  Daffodils have started blooming.  The daylillies are sprouting, as are the iris and tulips.

So far so good!