Examples of tires in the garden.


This is a large tractor tire, its got some very happy strawberries and a variety of flowers growing in it.  I”ll have to transplant out at last some of the flowers either this fall or next spring.  I did cut the sidewalls out of this.


I wish I’d gotten some photos of it over the winter, the black rubber definetly holds the heat well, and at the same time its not to hot to lean against even in full sun in the summer.  Picture taken a couple weeks ago.


My main garden, which uses a variety of sizes of car and truck tires.  I did cut the sidewalls out of these as well.


Picture taken a couple weeks ago.

And close ups of the tires:

IMGA5150 IMGA5146


And this is the only one I painted, I just used some cheap spray paint, nothing fancy, but so far its holding up well.  I did not cut the sidewalls out of this one, but it came off a Mustang, and so there wasn’t much sidewall anyway.



There’s no reason you HAVE to cut out the sidewalls, though doing so gives you 2-6 extra inches of growing space.