And here I was blaming the chipmunks

Sunday evening I went out to pick strawberries and found this:


(picture actually taken Monday morning)

It looked to me like something with teeth had been at the strawberries.  And every single ripe berry looked like that to some degree.  Oh, there was some obvious bug damage, but THATs not bug damage.

I was mad as heck, sprayed all around the tire with deer/rabbit repellent, and started keeping an extra eye on the strawberry tire.

But I never saw anything except Robins anywhere near it.  Well, maybe they’re coming by at night……

Then today I read this.  Do those damaged strawberries look familiar?  Yah, me too…..guess its a good thing I have bird netting left over from trellising the peas…..

2 thoughts on “And here I was blaming the chipmunks”

  1. I always blamed chippy’s too. But we had plenty of ants, so that must have been the issue. Who woulda thunk it?

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