Solar Panels update

When we first put in the solar panels I’d intended to try to update here regularly with what our energy production was.  Yah, that didn’t happen.

But here’s a screenshot of the lifetime graph for our energy production as of this morning:

spupdateI’d have to go dig through the files to tell you exactly how much thats saved us in costs from the power company, but I can tell you that in the summer our bills, even when we’re running the central air, are pretty close to half what they were before.  Keep in mind that the upstate area tends to be very cloudy, we don’t get a whole lot of very sunny days here in comparison to the rest of the continental USA. However that side of the house gets very little shade.

We’ve got a few more “around the house” projects that need to be done in the next couple years, important things like putting gutters on the house so that the rain will stop screwing with the foundation, and then we’re going to look at adding to the number of panels and adding a battery backup system.  Our goal is to eventually be able to use this as a backup generator that doesn’t require us to stockpile fuel.

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  1. Hello- I’m trying to find somebody who knows about something about solar panels in central NY. I just got a estimate for $30000. from a big company! I would greatly appreciate a conversation with you as it sounds like you may know more than I do! Thank You

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