Garden Update

We lost a cucumber plant.  It appears to have rotted out from the root.  Since all 3 are in the same container I’m not sure what got that one that didn’t get the others.  One of the others is defiently fine and growing, the middle one looks a little iffy, we’ll see.

I picked my first 3 tomatoes today.  I’m not a huge tomato fan, but I’m hoping to get enough to do sauce with…..

After the peas died back I planted small amounts of three different kinds of head lettuce.  Once Iceburg, the others mini varieties.  Only one of them has sprouted.

Back when I planted out the peppers I was worried about the jalapenos.  They were the smallest of the pepper plants.  Today they’ve taken over their container, you can barely see the carrots planted in the other half, and it looks like we’re going to have a bumper crop this year.