Color/theme change

No, its not your eyes.  I got frustrated with my previous theme.  Or rather the changes that the guy who actually writes it keeps making (which I then have to fix to make it look the way I want).

So I’m playing with a new setup…….

Feedback on colors and setup appreciated!

4 thoughts on “Color/theme change”

    • I liked the dark when I started blogging, but I was considering changing it anyway, then I got peeved and that pushed me into it!

      Course, now I have to come up with a new header image, since the B&W of Apollo doesn’t work with the new color scheme!

  1. I prefer lighter, brighter templates too. I find it a bit hard to read white type against a black background. I liked the larger area for your print material though. I am kinda blind.

    • Yah, I gotta play around with font sizes and the like. And space for posts etc. Some of that is built in, some of it will require coding and take a little longer!

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