Red Hot…

My jalapeno’s are ripening!!!


And I’ve got chocolate peppers:


The big chocolate peppers are sweets.  The little ones?  Those are habaneros……  The orange ones are Hungarian Hot Wax peppers, and of course I’m sure you all recognize the onions as onions 😉

Speaking of the hot peppers, can someone explain something to me?  I’ve always been under the impression that hot peppers are a hot dry climate sort of plant.  Not desert dry, but, well, we’re very wet here, and especially this summer we’re decidedly cool.  And yet, with the sole exception of last year when everything drowned, I’ve had HUGE luck with the jalapenos, I’ve seen them even withstand a light frost that killed other plants with only minimal leaf damage.  The bases of the jalapenos this year are close to an inch in diameter (I tried to get a picture but it didn’t turn out), and they’re falling over with the weight of the peppers.  And this year, both habanero plants were TINY when I transplanted them out….and now they’re taking over!


Am I just lucky?

2 thoughts on “Red Hot…”

  1. My peppers finally bloomed. Pathetic blooms that probably won’t go anywhere. Finally got my first tomato last week. Have since picked 8 more. All small, pathetic little things. No canning this year. Of course, I wasn’t going to have time to can salsa anyway but I could have frozen tomatoes and maybe done the canning later in the fall. Second summer in a row where it was too cool for the summer vegies to do much.

    • I broke down and bought frost blankets (the non-woven fabric ones, not the plastic sheets), and draped my tomatoes, the melons, and the peppers, in hopes of helping encouraging everything to ripen properly before we get a frost….

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