2nd Barn Hunt Competition

Arty’s 2nd Barn Hunt official trial was this past weekend.  Unfortunately it didn’t go as smoothly as the first.

I had signed him up for 4 Novice runs, two Saturday and two Sunday.  After receiving the run schedule I guesstimated that we’d be in the ring for the first run Sat before 10am, and got us there a little after 9am.  He had diarrhea when he pooped shortly after arriving there but by itself that didn’t mean anything.

I guesstimated wrong.  We didn’t get into the ring till after 11am.  Arty’s not the patient sort, and stresses easily.  So by the time he got into the ring he was too stressed to really look for the rat.  His 2nd run, a bit after 12-noon didn’t go any better.

Got home and he had another bout of diarrhea, and then puked up his lunch, refused supper, and puked up bile.  By 9pm he was still curled up into a miserable ball on the couch and I called off the Sunday runs.

Sunday his tummy was back to normal, keeping down the light meals I gave him, and he didn’t have diarrhea, but he still spent the day curled up in a little ball.  Poor stressed puppy.  Not sure he had a bug, or if it was just stress (which is my bet).  On the other hand I definitely picked up a bug somewhere, cause by the end of the day Sunday I was pretty miserable, though at least mine isn’t based in my tummy!  So maybe it was for the best that we didn’t do the Sunday runs.  

Oh well.  Next local competition is in March, with practices starting back up in January.  So I’ll be working on making sure he’s comfortable on site as much as standard practices……


(for everyone who asked: the insane snowfall that hit Buffalo and the northern parts of the state didn’t hit us.  We got a dusting.  Apollo’s disapointed, and I have to admit that it would have been fun to watch him go berserk over snow deeper than I am tall.  But I’m just happy I didn’t have to try to clear 6+ feet of snow…..)

2 thoughts on “2nd Barn Hunt Competition”

  1. Stress or a short lived bug, at least he is better. I’ve had dogs that would mysteriously get diarrhea for a couple of days (although otherwise seem healthy in energy and demeanor), then be back to normal. But obviously Artie had more going on than that by the sounds of his actions.

    Hope both of you are feeling better and enjoying Thanksgiving!

    • Yah, the diarrhea by itself I wasn’t to worried about. It was the combined symptoms. Oh well….

      I’m better, enough that I don’t feel the need to skip going to dinner with the family!

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