Unusual coloring

I’ve been delighted by the “gummy” vitamin phase since I first saw them.  I HATE taking big huge pills, I’m capable, but I hate it, and so the gummies were a wonderful invention as far as I’m concerned.  They cost more than regular vitamins, but I don’t dread taking them either.

I’d recently noticed that they were coming out with the “mens” and “women’s” formulas, and this last time I picked up the women’s formula, though there’s not much of a difference from the regular formula.  Last night I stopped to read the ingredients.  The gummies are, of course, colored, and I’d assumed they used the standard food dyes.  I was wrong.  The colorings are blueberry juice concentrate, carrot juice concentrate, and purple carrot juice concentrate!  A quick check of the other formulas showed the same.  Not what I’d expected to see.  But kinda cool!

1 thought on “Unusual coloring”

  1. I like that! Most gummies (of the candy variety) use food colorings, of which who knows what they are made up from. Glad to see something that is supposed to be healthy for you, actually uses some sort of real ingredients!

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