Time to sharpen the kitchen knives….

Thats not actually a lead in to a rant.  Its my own stupidity.

I knew that the large majority of my kitchen knives were duller than ideal….but I hadn’t realized how bad they’d gotten.

My inlaws gave us a new Cutco knife for Christmas.  And its sharp.

I forgot.  And handled it like I would have my usual knives.

Thankfully the cut isn’t any worse than a bad papercut, so I’m fine…..hopefully its a lesson learned!  And time to get my knives sharpened…..

4 thoughts on “Time to sharpen the kitchen knives….”

  1. Last time I got a new knife, I almost cut the tip of my finger off. I had to go in for stitches because it was still bleeding almost an hour later. It took a couple of years to get most of the feeling back in that tip.

    Yep, I let my knives get really dull apparently.

  2. Oddly enough, I tend to cut myself more with dull knives than sharp ones. But then I am very spoiled. Hubby sharpens all my knives quite often.

    The serrated ones are getting a bit dull, because hubby can’t sharpen those. I should send the serrated bread knife and utility knife back to Cutco for a laser sharpening one of these years. Thanks for the reminder.

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