Killer dog…..

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Lets change this scenario around just a bit.  

Lets say Mr Wallace answered a knock on his front door, when he opened it the person on the other side swings at Mr Wallace, knocking him to the ground where the impact on his head knocks him out.  The intruder then continues to pummel Mr Wallace, kneeling over him.  If the dog had killed that intruder would it have been such a big upset?  Or would we be praising the dog for saving her owners life?

Not one of the articles I’ve seen on this situation give even a hint that this dog has caused problems before.  Usually when there’s a “dog attack” there’s SOMEONE who comes out of the woodwork to tell you how the dog threatened them last year.  But I’ve not seen a single comment to that effect.

This isn’t a case of a human aggressive dog who attacked a random visitor to her owners home.

This isn’t a case of bite inhibition gone wrong.

This is a case of a well bonded dog who saw her owner down, and then someone comes in and starts beating on the owners chest, likely kneeling over or even straddling the torso.  Not one account makes it sound like the dog attacked the neighbor the instant he walked in the door.  Everyone agrees that the neighbor had started CPR before the dog bit him.  Infact, based on every article I’ve read on it, I’ll bet the dog didn’t even go for the neighbor’s throat.  The death was most likely from blood loss from multiple attempts by the dog to grab and drag the neighbor away from her owner (which would look ALOT like a mauling by an unstable dog unfortunately).

This isn’t a killer dog.  And she won’t require much rehab to make her a stellar pet.

Unfortunately finding her a new home will likely be virtually impossible.

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