Well, crap…..

A few weeks ago I posted about a random bout of digestive upset I’d experienced.  I actually posted to early, I ended up experiencing random digestive problems for the rest of that week.  Not cool.

I couldn’t figure out what the problem was.  And since then I’ve eaten large quantities of dairy (including the rest of my homemade velveeta) with no problems.  Prior to the incident I’d used duck eggs in a variety of baked goods.  And I’ve eaten duck meat with no problems.

Last weekend I made pancakes for breakfast for me and my husband, and (after performing a float test to be sure the egg was still ok) I used one of the remaining duck eggs I had in the fridge in the pancake mix.

About an hour later I had gas, bloating, general stomach upset, and acid reflux again.  And once again I had random stomach upset for the next couple days.  My husband, who ate from the same batch of pancakes at the same time as I experienced none of it.

I guess that answers that question.  No more duck eggs for me except in larger baked goods like breads or cookies.  Which means that my thoughts of eventually getting Muscovy ducks instead of chickens isn’t going to happen either…..

2 thoughts on “Well, crap…..”

  1. It sure sucks that you can develop allergies (or sensitivities) to things as you get older. I became sensitive to clams and oysters in my 40’s. Still miss eating them! Thank goodness you figured out the issue before getting a whole passel of ducks!

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