Garden update

Well, first off, I finally got around to starting to gravel in the paths between the beds.  I accidently made them too narrow to mow when I was setting things up and they’ve been a pain to manage, so when Home Depot put their white marble chips gravel on sale over memorial weekend I took advantage and bought enough to do about half the paths.  I’d have bought more but I didn’t have the money at the time.  It looks so nice though that the higher price will be worth it, and it’s less than $1/bag difference between the marble and the next one down anyway when it’s all at full price.


Once all the paths are done I’ll build a little wall all the way around the garden and fill that in with gravel too, ought to look awesome once its done.  Though I doubt I’ll get THAT part done this summer.  We’ll see.  I have other projects too…..

Thanks to the hot spring the lettuce is huge




Strawberries are almost ripe



Sugar Baby watermelons


I also planted a variety of watermelon called Early Moon, but didn’t get pictures.




Long Pie Pumpkins



Zucchini (and a bumper crop of clover, ooops)



Purple Cherokee tomatoes



Jalapenos (yes, those are baby peppers already)



Black Plum tomatoes, and yup, they’re producing already too







In addition I also have Sugar Snap peas (though whether I’ll actually get any…..), Cucumbers (the Mini Whites again), two kinds of radishes (which I’ve already picked), cantalope, Charentis melons again, habaneros, Hungarian Hot Wax peppers, carrots (7 kinds), sunflowers, okra…….

4 thoughts on “Garden update”

  1. Looks like you will be eating well! I think our strawberries are supposed to be late this year since we had a cold spring (funny, since we had a record average high-temp in NH).

    Great start on your pathways and they look great! I’m thinking about stone for the paths in my no-mow zone (a wet, shady area) as I don’t think bark mulch would do well there. But I wasn’t sure about how it would look. Your pictures give me a better idea.

    • I gotta say, the first two strawberries I picked were much tarter than usual although they were definitely ripe. Not sure if the weather is to blame or what…..

      The visual does help doesn’t it. I was considering the recycled rubber mulch as the other alternative, cause yah, very wet, not to mention having to replace regular mulch yearly…..but I really like the way the stone looks!

    • Considering that you were getting snow while I was getting almost record high temps I’m not surprised at the difference!

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