rheumatologist followup

So, my followup with the rheumatologist was today.

The good news is my bloodwork all came back normal.

The bad news is twofold.  Via xrays my hands are showing signs of bone erosion in multiple joints, especially the first knuckle of each finger on both hands.  This is typical of rheumatoid type arthritis, though again, bloodwork was normal.  And second there are multiple small bone spurs forming in both ankles.  So yes, my ankles should be bothering me, and no, its not my imagination that my hands have been getting worse……

4 thoughts on “rheumatologist followup”

    • Heh, when they first told me that the pain in my hands was arthritis I was 29, and I grumped at the doctor that I was way too young to have arthritis…..

      To be fair, I’ve been anticipating arthritis in multiple joints ever since, as a teen, I realized just what I was doing to my joints by being such an active child. I just didn’t really expect it till 50 or so!

      At this point I’m on meloxicam, and its helping ALOT, however yes, we’re looking at options for other treatments too. Unfortunately much of herbal options do nasty things to my system and so at this time they’re not an option for me.

  1. Glad the medication is helping out and hope side effects are non-existent (or at least minimal). What other types of meds are available for rheumatoid arthritis?

    • So far no side effects really, but meloxicam is pretty minor of a drug.

      The next step will likely be a “non-biologic” DMARD (disease-modifying antirheumatic drug), of which there are several to choose from, in an attempt to slow down the destruction of my hand joints. I’m not sure what the side effects there might be, I’m still doing my own research on the subject……

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