You know, when you talk about moving to central/upstate NY, everyone warns you about the snow.  Not only does the area get large total amounts of snow, but it gets lake effect snow, which is a special torture all of its own.

And a little research will tell you that the Syracuse area is one of the least sunny areas of the country.

Nobody tells you about the rain.  I suppose it ought to follow along with the previous two bits of trivia, but somehow it never does.

Its not till you move to the area that you learn that almost half of Syracuse is a flood zone.  They’re currently arguing with the Feds about whether those folks have to buy flood insurance or not.

That I81 itself floods to the point if not being drive-able, and if the rain is hard enough it’ll happen so fast you’ll end up stranded in the middle of it.  Seriously, go look at that picture.  Those cars didn’t drive into a “flooded road”, they were ON the road when it flooded.  To top it off various morons in charge want to turn I81 into a tunnel under the city.

We’re not quite breaking records for rainfall this month.  But we’re in the top 10.  There’s a reason my garden is all in raised beds.  My yard is a swamp.

I don’t want the drought conditions the west has, but I’d be happy if we could just have an average rainfall…..please!

4 thoughts on “Rain…..”

  1. I was out Utica way last weekend on the bike. Saw a bunch of that rain (fortunately no flooding). You are right – no one talks about how much rain an area gets (unless they are talking about Seattle).

    • Hey! We’re not that far from Utica either, hope you enjoyed it and the rain didn’t screw up your ride to much!

  2. Dang, if I had had more time I could have popped in for a quick visit. Next time I’m out that way I’ll have to let you know.

    Rain doesn’t bother me, especially if it is fairly warm (over 45 degrees). There wasn’t any lightning or hail, so all was good and my ride plans weren’t changed a bit.

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