A couple months ago Husband and I got new cell phones.  Both of our previous phones were pushing 4yrs old, and both were well past the point of showing their age.

I was disappointed to find out that the slide out keyboard were no  longer available on pretty much any smart phone model.

However in browsing cell phones I found the Kyocera Brigadier

Reviewers were reasonably positive, the only consistent gripe was the camera, and since a cell phone isn’t my primary camera anyway that didn’t bother me.

The pluses were huge.  Its engineered to meet Military Spec 810G.  It’ll survive total immersion (up to 6ft of water) for 30 minutes.  Temperatures between -4 and 140F.  Repeated shocks, drops, high dust, high humidity, extreme low pressure……

I figured if I could make my old Droid 2 last for 4yrs without any of that I ought to be able to get at least 4ys out of this one, and it didn’t cost any more than my old Droid did.

Today I found a new plus about those features.  High temps were mid-80’s with insane humidity.  And of course I ended up working outside most of the day at work today.  My shorts were soaked with sweat when I got home, and no, thats not a good thing.  My phone was in my back pocket, and is cruddy with sweat and dried dirt.

It works fine.

Works for me!


(btw, if anyone else gets this phone via Verizon….be aware that the default voice mail handler is the “Visual Voicemail App”.  This is a PAID SUBSCRIPTION app, and it USES DATA, never mind the security hole that it is.  You’ll have to call Verizon tech support and have them turn it off and switch you back to regular voice mail.  Which is a PIA.  Just to warn you.)