Garden update

So, I, er, forgot to watch the zucchini carefully enough…..


I pulled these four baseball bats zucchini out of the garden on Tuesday.  Well over a foot long, they’re at least twice the size I normally try to pick zucchini at.  In addition I pulled two more out of the garden yesterday that are closer to the size I prefer to pick them at (but still on the larger side).  And of course there’s more coming.  I think I have plenty of zucchini for the coming year…..

Next week when I hit the farmers market I will price out zucchini and see if I can get a guesstimate on what it would cost to buy this much zucchini for the records.

2 thoughts on “Garden update”

  1. That will be a lot of good eating! My zukes started blooming last week – gotta remember to keep an eye on them so I don’t get the behemoths you have.

    • The sad part is that I thought I WAS keeping a close enough eye on them. But we’ve had an outbreak of clover in almost every bed (the side effect of local cow manure/compost) and I didn’t realize how much the clover would add to the coverage…..

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