Here’re the pictures of the garden wilt I was talking about:

The Sugar Baby watermelons-

KIMG0192 KIMG0193You’ll have to trust me that the green in the first picture is all weeds, mostly clover.  The Sugar Baby watermelon vines are almost completely dead at this point, with only a couple vines holding on.

The one set of affected pumpkin vines-



And the affected Blazing Star flowers-



So far, other than the “normal” tomato wilt affecting the Black Plum tomatoes I’ve not seen any signs of it anywhere else, I’m hoping the semi regular treatments with neem oil are preventing it from spreading.  But this is the first year I’ve had a serious problem with it too.  Anyone have any ideas as to what it is, what the cause is, and/or how to prevent it next year?  I ran across a product called “Root Shield” thats supposed to help prevent several varieties of wilt (including the normal tomato wilts) and I’m seriously considering picking some up for next year’s garden……


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  1. That is weird that the Blazing Star (what I call Gay Feather) is also affected. I don’t really know much about plant diseases and certainly not ones that cross families like that.

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