General update

Our firewood for the season was delivered Friday.  There is now a pile of 10 face cord of firewood dumped in front of the carport for stacking.  Guess I know where my free time will be spent for the next little bit!

I spent a large portion of today running the table for the local buffalo farm at the local farmers market.  They paid me in meat, so its hard to complain, but of course today was the day that the weather decided to show us that WINTER IS COMING.  Complete with snow.  I managed to avoid freezing to death, but only thanks to prior planning.  Course, Tuesday its going to be back in the 60’s again.

Our new front steps are taking shape.  The platform is up, as are the stairs themselves.  Still needs guards and railings and some odds and ends, but I’m happy.  We even got the platform level first try!

KIMG0426 KIMG0429