Ok, this particular incident actually happened a couple weeks ago, but it still has me shaking my head, so I’m sharing it so that the rest of you can admire the sort of public that are out there.

This older gentleman is a regular customer.  He’s also the sort of customer who goes to a home improvement store to buy dirt and plants and then gets upset about putting said dirt and plants into his pristine car.  I swear we need to start selling sheets of plastic at the registers for the folks like this, $1 each.  I certainly don’t understand the mentality that the store is responsible for keeping your car clean.  If you’re going to buy stuff that sheds dirt and you don’t want that to shed in your car plan ahead with a tarp or the like and stop trying to blame the cashiers for not having anything to put down to protect your precious car.

Anyway, so I remembered watching him leave, fussing all the way about the fact that the bag of potting soil was dripping water.  I found out later that he even made a point of asking the cashier if the dirt “was ok” if it’s wet?

A couple hours later I answer a phone call.

“I bought a bag of soil earlier today, and it was dripping when I bought it, and it’s still dripping!  Is it ok?!”

*deep breath to hold in the variety of sarcastic answers that occur to me* “Yes sir, it’s normal.  They sit outside where they get rained on and it’s been raining this week.”

“But, all the important stuff in the bag isn’t going to wash away with the water is it??”

It took me several minutes to convince him that his bag of dirt was going to be just fine.  And I’m still not sure he believed me.  I half expected to see him back in the store with it later, returning it……