Frustration is calling the doctor’s office.  In mid-Oct.  And being told the first available appointment with the doctor himself is mid-Dec.  Which does me lots of good when I’m having reasonably normal days that are ending in me barely able to walk cause ankles and knees have stiffened to the point of significant pain.  I could have seen a PA earlier, but is it worth trying to explain it all over again to another person?

Frustration is going in for that mid-Dec appointment and it being the one day that week that I didn’t hurt, wasn’t stiff, and wasn’t swollen.

Frustration is telling the above problems to the doctor.  And being told that if I need to take anything on top of the meloxicam to take tylenol.  Cause obviously if I wasn’t stiff that day, then I don’t actually need anything else I guess.

I almost missed his statement about not adding anything “else” to my drug regimen because it’s not worth lowering my immune system any further……except there’s nothing to add too.  He’d talked previously about prescribing me something to try to stop or slow the bone erosion in my hands, but that never happened.  Didn’t even realize he’d said that till I was home.  What did I miss??

Yes, finding the right pair of shoes helped my ankles.  It only took three pairs to find the right ones.  And yes, adding magnesium to my daily intake helped too.  But neither is a miracle cure.  Of course the next day, after the appointment, I spent the day at work in noticeable pain.

I felt like a druggie asking him for pain meds.  I hate this.  I don’t want codeine, or vicodin, or whatever the one is that’s the big one now.  If I ever get to the point where I have to take those on a daily basis just to function just put me out of my misery please.  But there’s got to be something in between the meloxicam and those drugs that I can take when I’m having a bad day?  I wasn’t even having this pain a year ago!  A year ago my ankles were fine!

Frustration is trying to find out what other rheumatology offices there are in the general area and coming up almost blank.  Basically I could ask to change to a different doctor within the practice and that’s it for my choice of doctors.  If they’d let me switch.  They might not.  Apparently they had problems with people “opinion shopping” so now all such requests to change doctors require all sorts of approvals.

And to top it off.  This screwed up weather is making my hands hurt.

5 thoughts on “Frustration”

  1. That must be really frustrating. I know I have been frustrated taking a sick animal to the vet, who acts perfectly fine when I get there, even though he/she was obviously either ill or hurt previously. Fortunately my vet knows me well (along with pets in general) and could figure it out.

    I would only ask if there is something you ate either the previous day, or the day of your appointment that you don’t normally eat. Or, conversely, was there something that you didn’t eat that is a normal part of your diet? It is amazing what a sensitivity to some food/ingredients can help or hurt. Soy for one example, can be good for you, or be an ingredient that can cause inflammation.

    Hope you can find an answer that will give you some relief!

    • I don’t recall eating anything different the day before.

      Otherwise its certinally possible. At home we’ve cut out a huge portion of premade “stuff”, but I still eat too much of it for lunch at work. I also eat ALOT of gluten and dairy. I’ve debated more than once trying to cut one or the other to see if it would make a difference. It may come to that.

      And yup, my dogs are good at that to!

  2. Dairy would be my first bet – and is easier to cut out. Or, so I believe anyway since even most canned tuna has added wheat, and I just use that for an example of how pervasive wheat is used in foods. Of course may not be anything diet related at all – the stars aligned right or something 🙂

    • There’s a scary amount of dairy in things too honestly. My brother is lactose intolerant. These days he can get away fine as long as he’s not outright drinking milk or eating ice cream, but as a kid? Even trace amounts of dairy would set him off. There’s milk based products in ALL SORTS of things!

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