Dog theft in northern NY

15 to 17 dogs have gone missing recently in Saint Lawrence County NY.  Plus another two theft attempts have been thwarted by owners who paid attention.

For those of us in the upstate NY region please keep a close eye on your dogs!  Even if your yard is fenced, even if you believe the dog won’t stray out of the yard.

For those of you in the surrounding areas and states, please keep an eye out for someone selling large  numbers of dogs!

2 thoughts on “Dog theft in northern NY”

  1. It is scary. My dogs only go out under supervision by me, and since I heard of these thefts, my big lab that walks loose when I take him out, I have a firearm on me. My dogs are my heart, they keep me going. I will vent them and their vehicle several times over before they get the chance to grab my boys. Remain vigilant and aware of your surroundings fellow dog owners. We have to protect them.

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