I guess its my month to be sick

So I wrote the last post on Thursday last week.  By Thursday evening I wasn’t nauseous any more, woohoo!

And by mid-day Friday everything stopped running straight through.  Even better!

Unfortunately by mid-day Friday it was also obvious that something else was taking hold.

Those random sniffles I’d had for the last few weeks suddenly collected all at once into the sinus infection from hell.

Course, I didn’t realize how bad it was till mid-day Saturday, when it was to late to call the doctor’s office.  I suffered till Monday (yesterday) and called in, after some discussion of my symptoms over the phone they called in an antibiotic for me without me having to go back into the office.  Which is much appreciated.

Oh, and I love my local pharmacy.  They’re a big chain, but in a small town, and the latter shows.  About half an hour after the call from my doctor’s office I called down to see if the prescription was there yet.  It wasn’t.  I shrugged, looked at the clock and decided I’d give it a couple hours and try again.  About 45 minutes later I got a call from the pharmacy tech I’d talked to, my prescription had just been received, she’d remembered my  name when it came through, and was calling to let me know it had arrived.  EVER so much appreciated!  She got a very firm thank you!

I hate being sick!  I had all these things I wanted to do with this off time!