Pictures taken yesterday of my wintering broccoli:

KIMG0606 KIMG0607


The garden rodents have discovered the warmth, like I was afraid they would, so I saturated the tires again in an attempt to disrupt their digging.  But otherwise its some very happy broccoli!  Infact, I’m going to have to redo the covers this week, because the two tallest stalks are pushing up against the top.  And as you can see we have the start of heads forming!

I’d hoped, with this warmup we had this week, that I could consider pulling the covers off entirely (as it is I reduced them to one layer yesterday), but the below image is the 10day forecast from Weather Underground:



I’m still hoping that Saturday’s forecast will change, but so far the only changes have been to predict it to get even colder.  I’m not amused.  This lovely warm up has me wanting to kick into spring mode!

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