Multi-tool bleg

Does anyone know of a decent quality multi-tool that does NOT contain a knife?

See, I can’t (per company code) carry a knife, other than the ridiculous safety knife issued to us, at work.  We’re allowed to carry all sorts of OTHER tools, but not any other knife.  Flat bladed screwdriver?  Sure.  Pry bar? Sure.  Knife of any kind?  OMG, YOU’RE SO GETTING FIRED FOR BRINGING A WEAPON TO WORK!!!!

And yet there are so many situations where I could SO use to have a multi tool on me.  Yes, the company HAS tools we can use.  If I want to find someone to let me into the office to dig through the tool cabinet to find what I want.  While the customer waits impatiently.

I am aware that several of my co-workers carry multi-tools on the sales floor regardless of the knife/weapon rule.  And management mostly turns a blind eye to it as long as no one gets injured.  But my personal preference would be to NOT push the envelope.

I know the Leatherman bracelet thing doesn’t contain a knife, but I’m not a bracelet sort of person (Leatherman is supposed to be pretty sturdy stuff, but I’d rather not test out the bracelet’s durability, and I would be if I bought one).  Plus I’d really like a pair of pliers and the like too.

I did recently run across the SOG line of multitools, where it looks like in at least most of them you could potentially pull out the knife and put in an extra piece of something else instead, which is kinda cool.   Anyone have any experience with these?

Are there any other options out there?

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  1. Hubby and I both have SOG multitools. They are very durable. The nice thing about them is that the pliers work really well. They are geared, so if you crimp into something stiff, the jaws won’t get stuck. The wire cutters are a hard steel that can cut stainless safety wire without damaging the teeth. We haven’t tried changing out any of the pieces. The serrated knife works really well for cutting binders twine, fiberglass reinforced strapping, etc.

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