An example of why you need to be very carefull about what you share around social media.  Many times its just one person’s opinion, which can vary quite a bit from fact, and there are people for whom the law means nothing as long as public opinion is with them…..

A possible upgrade in data storage is on its way.

GE to phase out CFLs.

The latest in (high end) truck bed campers.

Turns out there may be a definable reason for the rise in mental disorders in the young (not that we all couldn’t have figured it out I’m sure).

Read the captions!

Now they need to make a bigger one for me.  Bacon!

More on the discussion of Livestock Guardian Dogs.

Bogie, this one’ll ring a bell for you.  Personally, I’m just hoping I can beat average for once.  I’d really to NOT take 5yrs (and 5 doctors) to find a doctor who’ll listen to me.