Dear Shoe Manufacturers

You know, if you were to design a set of shoes specifically for the retail employee, you could make a killing on the market.

Something with proper ankle support.

Something that comes with options for wider feet, even for the smaller sizes.

Something that can survive pounding on cement for day after day after day and still be comfortable to wear 3-4 months later.  Or longer.  Longer would be really nice.  I really don’t think 6 months to a year is to much to ask.

Something that, while it may come in all sorts of gaudy colors and designs, also comes in plain colors for those of us with strict dress codes.

Something that won’t break the bank when we replace them every 3-6 months, or, if more expensive, that will hold up a good year +.

The market made up of those of us who work retail, both part-time and full time, is actually quite large.  And although there is a stereotype that retail employees are young, teens and early twenties, the actual truth is that a huge portion of the group are mature adults.  Adults with joint problems that are aggravated by being on our feet on concrete for hours on end.

I realize that this portion of the market isn’t as flashy as the newest sports shoe that you can toss a big sports name on and sell for hundreds.  But I think you all are missing a huge opportunity for sales…….