Sick again

Woke up Monday with a scratchy throat.  I drank lots of hot tea and tried to ignore it.  BTW, this home-made cough syrup works almost as well on a sore throat as it does on coughs.  Though next time I make it I’m cutting the amount of lemon in half.

But by Tuesday morning it was obvious it wasn’t going to go away so I called my doctors office.  No openings available till Friday evening (and that with a different doctor in the practice)!  “But you can go to the urgent care in the same building if you want.”  Yay.  I hate going to urgent care, especially for something as minor as a scratchy throat, I always end up sitting there for hours.  I took the Friday appointment, figuring I could always cancel if need be.  If I didn’t really really like my doctor herself I’d have already changed doctors because of things like this.  But I really really like my doctor, and she LISTENS to me, and I’ve just had a painful lesson in how important that is…….

By Wednesday morning I was pretty sure that what I actually have is the early signs of a sinus infection.  The sore throat being caused by the post nasal drip.  My sinuses themselves don’t hurt that badly yet, but my ears itch, which is a “good” sign of a sinus infection.  Still wasn’t feeling really sick.  Worked a 4hour shift at work after spending most of the day out in the 70degree early spring weather that Mother Nature gave us.

This morning, Thursday, I have almost no voice, and am feeling decidedly draggy, though I still have no real sinus pain.  Maybe its not a sinus infection, though my ears still itch.  I don’t work today, but I am supposed to work tomorrow morning.  I’m sitting here trying to decide if I should give in and to go urgent care.  One thing for sure, unless I’m feeling better by this evening I won’t be working tomorrow….

In other news, all my tomato and pepper seeds have been planted, along with seeds of the Tzimbalo Melon Pear, which caught my eye as I was seed browsing.  Peppers have mostly sprouted.  If the weather holds the sprouted pots will go out into the greenhouse next week.  Which seems awfully early, and I keep waiting for Mother nature to dump a couple feet of snow on us…..but I have to admit I wouldn’t mind an early spring.  I hope it stays decent though, if we do get a hard freeze after this 2 weeks of warm (that’s currently being predicted) its going to totally kill the apple crops.

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    • Drives me nuts. The good news is the antibiotic seems to have done its job, so hopefully this’ll be the end of it.

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