Found LGD in the Edmonton Canada area

If you are in the Edmonton Canada area and are missing your Livestock Guardian dog the Edmonton HS has her labeled as a Malamute: (#91683)

Additional photos of the dog here: (at least Akita cross made sense……)

2 thoughts on “Found LGD in the Edmonton Canada area”

  1. Akita, Malamute, whatever 😉 I could see a husky mix – coat is very like a husky I had – although it would have to be a cross with a big-bodied, shorter/thicker nosed dog such as Lab (or livestock dog – LOL). I’m not even sure I would think of Akita though. malamute no. Funny aside – when I took our husky mix puppies to the vet, all techs and vets thought they were malamutes. Nope, mother was a papered husky and the father was a husky x shepherd. We knew that for a fact since both were neighbors in our six-plex.

    But to be fair, it could be a total Heinz – crosses can be such a problem to try identify family tree at times.

    • I’m still shaking my head over the label of Malamute….Husky with something big yup, but Malamute??? I’m going to bet that part of the “Akita cross” guess had to do with temperament. LGDs tend to be aloof and less than overtly friendly, something that people tend to expect out of Akitas if they’re familiar with them.

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