Garden and Carrots for seed!

Since the weather was lovely again this morning I went ahead and prepped the beds for sugar snap peas, radishes, lettuce and carrots, and then went ahead and planted those crops.  It may end up being to early for the lettuce and carrots, but its been such a warm spring I’m crossing my fingers.  Seed is cheap and I have lots more if they fail.

In the process I dug up and turned over one of the containers that had carrots in it last year.  I’d ended up not picking all my carrots last year.  As usual I over planted, and we were having such a mild winter to begin with that I decided to let them go and see if they’d produce seed for this year.

Then of course we had those painful cold snaps.  So much for over-wintered carrots.

Or so I thought.

Certainly most of the carrots that I’d left in the ground were either completely gone or only had a rotted shell left.

But these two little ones not only survived but are now producing leaves!


I’m not even sure which variety this was as I planted at least two varieties of “little baby sweet carrots”.

I carefully replanted them off to the side of the current carrot spots, where they’ll be able to get lots of sun.  Here’s hoping I can harvest some seeds this summer!