Snowmobiler who ran down Iditarod teams faces 12 charges.

Puppy lost at sea 5 weeks ago found.

Average 16-34yr old lags way behind their international peers in education.  Something tells me free college won’t fix this.

For a laugh, the reason millennials won’t eat cereal for breakfast.

.GOV wants to buy your garage bomb idea.

Former FBI says the NSA could crack the iphone.

If your elderly neighbor suddenly goes “missing” it might be worth checking on her, and not just because she might have fallen and hurt herself!

FDA is trying to crack down on fertilizer again.

Play from your PS4 against folks on the XBOX1, finally!

A couple canine cancer studies owners should be aware of.

Hogwarts gets its first IT manager.

The VA finally noticed it let this Vet slip through the cracks.

I laughed, but I don’t think that was the expected reaction!

If you’re going to point out someone’s crimes, make sure you have the right employer!

Probably NSFW even though it might technically slip past the filters!  But worth it for the laugh.

A couple years old, but the Coast Guard gave this Vet a viking funeral!

Things you don’t think about when you think about the Iditarod!

Colorado passes bill to end rain barrel ban.

A 7th grader might just be smarter than the NFL (not that thats hard).

How to survive an 11 story fall.

Evolution at its finest.

Jurassic park here we come…..


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  1. I was outraged when I heard about the snowmobiler intentionally running down Iditarod teams. I sorrow for Jeff King, he truly loves his dogs. Alyi Z made a great comeback in crossing the finish line in 3rd place – great heart in her and her team.

    The pup lost at sea story made me smile when I saw it on the news 🙂

    • I think the entire internet rose up in outrage over the report of someone running down the Iditarod teams. Probly not literally, but it seemed like it. I’m glad they found out who it was quickly, otherwise someone might have been lynched……

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