In case you ever wondered….

… the stupid and false memes and pictures get spread on social media.

I ran across this on Facebook.  Names and pictures obscured to protect the innocent and the stupid.



Yes, the original person shared a picture with a false caption (without double checking it).  I know this person, she’s a nice lady, but occasionally way too trusting of the internet.

The first commenter posts a link to the snopes page on the photo, and yes, the photo is NOT of a Himalayan flower, but infact of a sea creature.  A very basic search proves that.

The next two commenters (and there has been a 3rd since I took this screenshot) completely ignore the snopes link.

Basic internet search guys.  Its easy and quick.  And saves you from looking stupid infront of the world.

4 thoughts on “In case you ever wondered….”

  1. I also like the ones that dredge up a post from a couple of years ago and reposts it as if it were current news. Things such as “Solar Eclipse coming Monday” (umm, nope), “Don’t forget Daylight Savings Time Starts March 10” (yeah, that was 2013 thanks)

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