I’ve been watching this storm work its way across the country, and not been amused.  The talking heads couldn’t figure out how much we were going to get, but as of early Saturday (yesterday) they’d decided on “trace to 3inches” for my area and north, and “2-6” for areas south as the predicted snowfall for Saturday, and another “trace to 3” for me for Sunday, with possibly more on Monday.

As of midnight last night it still wasn’t snowing here, though apparently south was getting at least some.

Woke up this morning to SNOW.

IMGB1648 IMGB1649 IMGB1650


Thats more than “trace to 3 inches”, and is, infact, closer to 6 in most areas of the property.  And its still coming down.

Apollo’s delighted at least……

6 thoughts on “Snow”

  1. Wow, you got a mess! We just had a little stinker of a squall, but we were out splitting wood in it. Blew so hard and so sticky I looked like a snowman and my shirt crackled whenever I bent. Terrible accident on I88. Such bad whiteouts.

    • They’re now saying another up to 6inches tonight too. Yay.

      But it could have been worse, the roads cleared surprisingly quickly, and I’m not aware of anything TO major, accident wise, by here.

    • bleh, good luck. We’re supposed to get a dusting Tuesday morning, which will hopefully be impossible to see in the rain that they’re also predicting, and then its going to warm up again…..

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