The disconnect between food, and where it comes from, is real.

This one requires its own little rant.

Benner Farm has been around since 1977.  In order to help make ends meet they allow folks onto the property for strawberry picking and birthday parties and similar type events.

This year that practice has backfired on them, big time.

A city girl by the name of Kimberly Sherriton, who clearly doesn’t understand some fairly basic facts of life, met their 2yr old cow while on the property for a birthday party (the article calls it “involved”, I’m betting they’re quoting this idiot, cause I don’t know ANYONE who calls it “involved” when it comes to animals).  And has decided that the family who owns the farm should be required to send the cow to rescue and buy their meat at Whole Foods instead.

“He doesn’t need this cow to survive and feed his family. He puts a sob story on there. Please, tell him to go to Whole Foods and go get some anti-biotic free beef there,” she said.

Yes, you’re reading that right.  Apparently the meat sold in the stores doesn’t come from an actual animal or something.  As commenters elsewhere said, Ms Sherriton ought to be required to watch the entire process of what exactly her precious store bought, antibiotic free, Whole Foods sold, meat goes through to get from live animal to table.

Supposedly folks were going to protest outside the farm this past weekend in an attempt to force the family to not slaughter the cow.  I can’t find any actual coverage of the protest, all the articles are basically reprints of what I posted above.  So here’s hoping there wasn’t actually much of a show.

EDITED: Thanks to ThreeCollie (in the comments), here’s a link to the petition to help support the Benners Farm!

7 thoughts on “The disconnect between food, and where it comes from, is real.”

  1. There is a petition on supporting the farm and farmer. I signed it yesterday. I find this whole affair to be utterly discouraging. Besides the arrogance of the city lady is the sheer stupidity of her and those who support her. What do they think….oh, wait, obviously they don’t. Many rational farm folk have commented on the FB page only to have their words deleted and their opinions reviled. Makes you wish some people actually experienced hunger now and then. Rant over. Sorry.

    • Oh, and no apologizes required. I don’t raise our own meat animals, but I have on many occasions wished I did. I would much rather eat meat I raised myself than eat the meat from the store coming from who knows where and HOPE that they followed all the rules and labeling requirements.

      So many people these days have no clue whats required to get food (of any kind) to their tables!

  2. OMG, I thought stupid things like this were made up for humorous posters for/against certain positions.

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