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You can’t quite see it, due to the color of the plastic cover on the new greenhouse, but the tallest tomato plants are about to hit the top of it.  Less than an inch to go.  At that point I guess I’ll have to look at pulling them out to sit on the porch during the day or risk them scorching on the top of the greenhouse.  My other option is to lose another shelf and drop them down a row.  And although right now I have lots of space to do that I’m about to start the seeds for the melons.  I guess I could pull the poppy pots and put that shelf back in, and add the poppies to the routine with the baby tree, which is inside for the cold nights and on the porch otherwise.  Despite the warm spring I just don’t dare plant anything sensitive out now, it’s still 3 weeks short of average last frost!  I do have frost covers, but the taller they get the harder it is to make sure they’re covered.

Sugar snap peas are sprouted (I’m trying a bush variety this year instead of a vine), lettuce and radishes are also up.  And it looks like most of the carrots are also sprouted.  I need to plant out the broccoli seedlings in the near future.

4 thoughts on “Garden update”

  1. We have two of those little green houses too and I love them. It is a dilemma knowing which things to put where once they get going. Here it’s been too cold, even days, to set anything out yet.

    • You mean in the greenhouses? Add christmas lights!

      If you mean outside the greenhouse, like, on the deck, yah, last couple days have been cold especially. The baby tree is fine, but the tomatoes….the more I think on it the more I think I’m just going to ditch that top shelf and let them have that much more space, that way I don’t have to worry about it!

    • This weekend it’d be fine outside during the day if predictions hold, at least here, but I don’t trust the weather longer than that!

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