Summer bird feeders

I was chatting with a coworker at work about bird feeders, several weeks ago, and she commented that it was about time to pull them in for the summer.  She couldn’t decide if she was horrified that I left feeders out all summer, or horrified at the birds she was missing out on….

This week we had our first of the year Baltimore Oriole



And our first of the year Rose Breasted Grosbeak



And infact, before I left for work this morning there were three male Grosbeaks at the feeder, and I just missed a photo of a male Ruby Throated Hummingbird at the hummer feeder!

I do cut back on how much seed I put out.  In the winter I do a Black Oil Sunflower seed feeder (holds about 5lbs of seed), a mixed seed feeder (home made mix, again about 5 lbs of seeds), a nijer feeder and a suet feeder (real suet, not the store bought bird suet blocks).  In the summer I cut back to just the sunflower seeds, and keep the nijer feeder only till birds stop emptying it (though one year I had a Downy Woodpecker who claimed the thing), plus at least two hummer feeders, and I load the suet cage with orange halves (as pictured above).

Speaking of Downy Woodpeckers, not only have I had them claim the nijer feeder, but they’ll eat fruit (like the Oriole’s oranges), AND drink from the hummingbird feeders!

(oh, and yes I took the photo of the Grosbeak into work today on my cellphone to show off to my co-worker!)

4 thoughts on “Summer bird feeders”

    • I used to do them on a platform, but when I realized the woodpeckers would eat them to I put a couple halves in the suet cage for them and next I knew the orioles were ignoring the platform feeder! Since everyone likes the cage feeder just fine I saw no reason to dig out the platform feeder!

  1. At my previous house I left a sacrificial (old, beat up) birdfeeder out on the clothesline that was about 80 feet from the house. When the bear hit it (dragged it off and/or mangled it), I would bring in the rest of the feeders at least during the night.

    At my current place, I’ve been told there was a bear, but not had it appear. When the warnings about bears emerging from hibernation appear for my area, I try to remember to bring in the feeders at night but that usually only happens a couple of times.

    • I’m a bit amazed we’ve not had a bear problem here. I know they’re in the general area, but so far no sign on the property!

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