Heat (rash)

TMI warning…..

A week ago I almost collapsed from the heat.  Steps have been taken, not only by me but also by my work, as I wasn’t the only one to have issues (for the record, they were taking steps to prevent it prior too, but the insanity that is the Memorial Day weekend sales resulted in alot of distracted folks).

I spent a couple days not feeling right after that, but by this time I’m back to normal.  Well, mostly.

I also picked up a case of heat rash that day.  In the fold of the hip between hip and crotch.  I’ve had it there before (not frequently, but if I’m going to get heat rash thats the spot), so I picked up a bottle of baby powder on the way home and reminded myself to use it regularly.

A week later and the heat rash is still here.  And I’m not a happy camper.  Even if I manage to stay inside for the majority of my workday I still sweat quite a bit at work.  Its the nature of the job.  And the rash has turned outright painfull.

Yesterday I finally gave in and picked up a package of boyshort style undies to wear for a while.  I dislike the style immensely, but any underwear with an elastic band around the hip is irritating the rash further.  I may actually have to see a doctor for this one……

2 thoughts on “Heat (rash)”

  1. From your description, I am so happy I don’t experience heat rash. my face breaks out from sweating a lot, but I don’t get a rash anywhere. Have you tried oatmeal or baking soda? I’ve heard those can work but of course have no experience.

    • I don’t usually have issues with it, its a rare thing for me, but considering I can usually avoid almost collapsing from the heat too I’m not surprised I ended up with heat rash out of it.

      I haven’t tried either, not sure either is more effective than baby powder really.

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